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About Dytec Environmental

Dytec Environmental is a water/wastewater and air pollution treatment engineering , manufacturer and supplier for process treatment systems. Primary areas of work covered are: filtration, biotechnology, ultrafiltration, metal recovery, flotation separation, flocculation, clarification, solid waste incineration, purification, sterilization, aeration,general water conditioning, chlorination, desalination, sludge treatment, sludge recovery, air stripping, liquid recycling and chemical & solvent recovery. Focusing also on a wide diversity of markets within the mining, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, agricultural, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and aquaculture industries for all related process equipment and turnkey plant systems. Dytec Environmental has maintained a steady growth for many years of experience in these fields. This has been accomplished by developing innovative solutions in technology and count with a technical support department with extense knowledge on the integration and development of new product lines in marketing, design and production.

Our Vision :

Provide a cleaner environment through the innovative use of technology. Primarily in servicing our network of foreign operations in the Pacific Rim, Europe, Middle East and Latin Countries. Our main focus and line of work is in water and wastewater treatment and recovery for commercial, industrial and municipal entities followed by all related process equipment components and complete plant systems within the industries indicated below.
We value teamwork, integrity, excellence, and reliability. Our most valuable resources are our customers and employees. We adhere to the most stringent health and safety practices to ensure the safety of our employees and community. We are responsible to ensure our customers are satisfied with our product and the solutions we provide.

Our Mission :

To offer the most appropriate innovative treatment solutions for a given application, with uncompromising quality and value to our clients.

  • To guide our clients with expert advice through the selection and implementation process.
  • To deliver synergistic building blocks integrated into complete solutions with a reliable and repeatable outcome.
Other Areas of Industries and Applications :
  • Mining Process Equipment.
  • Chemical, Petrochemical Process Equipment.
  • Oil / Gas Drilling Rig Equipment to include Barge, Land and Off-Shore Platform Systems.
  • Agricultural Crop / Grain Bin Storage Equipment, Irrigation Implementation Systems.
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Process Equipment.
  • Pulp & Paper Process Equipment.
  • Food & Beverage Process Equipment.
  • Aquaculture Process Equipment.
  • Heavy Industrial Process Equipment.
Contact Information :

To be able to determine the customers requirements, it is important to know the areas of interest to establish. With this information on hand, it will enable us to provide a complete and efficient service on all information requests and technical assistance. We value your visit to our website and welcome any questions or comments.