General Features

Dytec Environmental has designed, built, commissioned and supported environmental equipment for leading environmental firms worldwide. Each system comes highly customized with sophisticated features that present innovative solutions for our customer’s unique requirements within the industry.

Dytec Environmental is known for its professional, long term approach, delivering quality results to support our customers success.

Innovative technology is just one component of our offering, as we provide end-to-end solutions, including design assistance, state-of-the-art engineering, project, manufacturing, factory certifications, system commissioning, technical support, field services, and the industry’s largest availability of parts and components and coast-to-coast sales .

  • Simplicity of design leading to considerable savings in engineering design and installation costs.
  • Cost effective. High efficiency, Proven Performance and Reliability.
    Flexible point system design capabilities.
  • Streamline installation methods which saves on replacement of parts.
  • Installation Simplification Methods.
  • Unique managed technology incorporated as standard.